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Get connected to your audience through our smart advertising solution. With our high quality traffic, you will get more impressions, leads, conversions and sales!

AdFi – WiFi
Adnetwork Platform

AdFi aggregates Wi-Fi hotspot operators and serve as a platform for advertiser to reach potential & geo-targeted audience.

Drive Business Results for Provider & Advertiser.

Digital Marketing can position your company as the thought leader in your industry, becoming the go-to source for strategy, direction and quotes. And in the process, it will raise awareness of your products and services among your prospects.

Our real-time targeting wifi platform gives you the ability to grab the attention of consumers with intent-based ads. Our smart ad units increase your traffic with an algorithm that detects the interest of the user.

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Customers want free reliable Wi-Fi to enhance their experience, to connect to their family, to work remotely, to compare prices online. Successful large Wi-Fi networks are complex projects that require careful planning and can include significant costs. Our promise is to help you with your Wi-Fi challenges. From now on and forever.

  • EduWifi

    University Campus, College Canteens, Coaching Class, Training Seminars.

  • PublicWifi

    Chai Stalls, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, FnBs, Hotels, Guest Houses.

  • StreetWifi

    Shelter, Taxi Stands, Bus Depots, Train Stations, Streets, Religious, Tourist Spots.

  • RetailWifi

    Bazaar, Marketplaces and Arenas, Shopping Arcades, Departement Store, Retail Shops .

  • WellnessWifi

    Spas, Gyms, Sport Clubs, Recreational Spots, Amusement Parks.

  • HealthlWifi

    Dental Clinics, Testing Center, Hospital Waiting Rooms and Compound.

How AdFi

For Advertiser

Target users based on real-time location or the business type of the venue they are located in and Control your brand with customizable campaigns.

  • Choose Wifi Hotspot

    Advertise to a captive audience, Geo-targeted custom audience (including mobile users), Choose only the locations that target your audience or find new audiences.

  • Dynamic Manage Content

    Change your ad as often as you need through our user-friendly platform, Link to your chosen location – drive traffic to your door!, Run multiple ads at once and track their performance.

  • Metrix & Priceing

    Extremely high click-through rates: 10-15%, Traceable customer engagements deliver strong metrics, Variable pricing models including.

How AdFi

For WiFi Provider

Target users based on real-time location or the business type of the venue they are located in and Control your brand with customizable campaigns.

  • Earn More Revenue

    Create an ad-based or sponsored plan, Set your own ad rates, Easily manage ad campaigns.

  • Connect to advertisers and do all the work

    Set minimum rates, Act as ads self service platform, Win-win revenue share scheme.

  • Easy to Use Platform

    No changes to equipment at all, Landing page creator allows you to customize the user experience.

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Join 100,000+ Advertiser today and start monetizing your campaign with beauty sleek platform.

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